Lighten Up was recorded live in front of an audience comprising music critics and industry professionals at Wrightway Studios giving the album a truly authentic “jam session-like sound” as the band describes it.


“This release is unique in many ways. The preparation that goes behind this type of live recording is very different from what we are used to doing”, said Speed, singer/guitarist for Silvertung. “When you record a studio release, mistakes can be re-recorded, but is what it is. Even though we recorded it in a studio, we still set up facing one another and did this live!”


Produced and engineered by Steven Wright, each song on Lighten Up was completely reinvented. For example, “Face the Music,” still has the same melody but is a very different acoustic with a more swing vibe to it…and “Devil’s Advocate,” which appeared on Billboard Mainstream Rock Radio’s Most Added List the week of release, was originally heavy and aggressive and is now performed stripped down and accompanied by a violinist.


It’s this creative freedom and the ability to experiment with their music that led Silvertung to explore the idea of an acoustic album in the first place.

Lighten Up Compact Disc