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Rockers, tune in to THE KISS ROOM this Friday, December 19 from 3-5PM EST on for a preview of "Never Too Late", the new single from SILVERTUNG!

“Never Too Late” will be released nationally to radio the third week of January, 2015, but you can hear it this Friday in THE KISS ROOM!

In the past year, Silvertung has gone from a local band from the Baltimore area, into a Regional act. Having just completed their first major national video for their new single, “Never Too Late,” they are on the verge of breaking onto the national stage.

Produced by David Ivory (Ivory Productions), the Grammy Nominated producer/engineer, Ivory has had two artists (Halestorm/Atlantic Records, Silvertide/J Records/Sony) signed to major record deals in recent years.

Listen to THE KISS ROOM live this Friday, broadcasting directly to YOU via, on the frontpage of, via, or streaming via the new "Montco Radio" app created by Dustin Markle, available for free via the Google Play store or the iTunes app store on your mobile devices.

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