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Review of SILVERTUNG Out Of The Box Posted by by Evie Star

Silvertung's upcoming 'Out Of The Box' leaves me yearning for more. The songs on Silvertung's 'Out Of The Box' are so diverse and colorful that they remind me of a box of crayons. Crayons Silvertung uses to paint vivid musical pictures & create wickedly imaginative stories with. Each song is a delight to listen to and, to me, every song a masterpiece non like any other.

Silvertung is a Baltimore, Maryland based band who deliver hard hitting, high octane, no nonsense yet melodic rock-n-roll songs filled with both tons of attitude & tremendous heart.

I couldn't agree more with Silvertung's descriptive statement in regards to their music. It is indeed a state of mind. It also most definitely gives us the gift of mental escape.

I must've listened to Silvertung's 'Out Of The Box' at least 10-15 times consecutively before being able to create a hopefully deserving and fitting description of Silvertung's 'Out Of The Box'. I have listened to Silvertung's 'Out Of The Box' many more times than I can count since and honestly I still can't choose a favorite. That doesn't happen often & it's a total compliment to the entirely of ' Out Of The Box' & to Silvertung themselves.

Check out the first two singles from Silvertung's 'Out Of The Box' today. The lead-off single is entitled, "Face The Music." The other is entitled, "Never Too Late." "Never Too Late" is the first single off of Silvertung's 'Out Of The Box' to break top 40 Active Rock Billboard Carts. If you love the tunes as much as I do, be sure to call your local rock station, Sirius XM Octane and/or any other radio station to request your favorite up coming Silvertung song. And when it drops, pick up your copy ASAP!

Thank you all for reading and enjoy Silvertung's latest music.

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