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Review: Silvertung – ‘Out Of The Box’

Hailing from Maryland on the east coast of the USA, Silvertung have been making a bit of a stir, which has resulted in their latest single ‘Face The Music’ racing up various local and national rock and radio charts. The band describe their latest release as more of an EP than an LP, but borderline on both. ‘Out Of The Box’ (due for release on the 8th of July), despite only being six tracks long, is guaranteed to take the listener on a rollercoaster ride. In your face hard rock, but with a refined, dare I say it, mature edge. Produced by Steven Wright (who has worked with everyone from Slipknot to Avril Lavigne), between them they have created something quite special.

Silvertung comprises of vocalist Speed, guitarist Codey, bassist Skoot, and drummer Danno. The guys were nominated for and won both, ‘Best Heavy Metal Artist’ and ‘Breakout Artist for 2016’ in this years Maryland Music Awards.

A lot of experimenting and hard work has gone into this release, according to Speed. Their music is straight to the point, solid hard rock, with catchy choruses, and superb guitar riffs, all built on a rock solid, no frills rhythm. The opener, and latest single, ‘Face The Music’ slams you in the face with rockin’ guitars, and superb vocals from Speed. They manage to retain the hard edge while refining and polishing the music perfectly. ‘Never Too Late’ shows a softer side, opening with some superb acoustic guitars, but soon enough we are back to hard rock, albeit at a slower pace, but just as powerful nonetheless.

‘Devils Advocate’ shows yet another facet of Silvertung’s music, with a much thrashier track that steps things up a gear. As well as the superb musicianship on show, I have spotted quite a few very subtle, but clever, production tricks that really help to give these guys a sense of being well above average.

My choice and favourite track from this EP/LP has got to be ‘Ain’t That a Bitch’. From what I have heard here, if I was only allowed to play one track that showed what Silvertung are about, this is it. All the elements are there, hard and heavy, with tempo and cadence changes that just make sense. The songcraft is amazing, a classic track in waiting.

The record is polished off with the superb ‘You And Me’, almost a ballad, but not quite. Just a great track and a brave thing to do on a release with only six tracks on it. I am glad they took the risk.

Silvertung, to my ears, are a band that are standing a little taller than the current crop of rock bands. I hope with the right help and advice, they will be up there making it big and receiving the acollades they deserve.

Review: Simon Larkin

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