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"Lighten Up" Album Review

After much success from their last album, "Out of the Box" Maryland's Silvertung returns with a new release "Lighten Up."

Silvertung Lighten Up

This album features acoustic versions of some oof their classics. Known for their diversity both lyrically and instrumentally, they decided to do something completely outside the box and brave by putting this production together. The album stars off with "Devil's Advocate," which is a song from the album, "Out of the Box."

That version is hard hitting, aggressive and up tempo. On "Lighten Up," they shift very nicely, and, turn it into a song full of groovy beats.

"Dig," which is the debut single fro this record, really shows just how versatile these guys truly are. In my opinion, this whole album showcases just how good these guys are.

They're not afraid of anything and it definitely echoes throughout the album. As a friend, and fan of this band, I have to say that I've developed a new respect fro them doing this album.

I feel like a lot of musicians could get inspired to step out of their own comfort zone to do an experiment like these guys did with this album.

Silvertung are known for their diversity and are very popular in this area. Their hardcore fan base known as "Tung Nation" will be in awe of just how good this album is.

It officially releases on Oct. 27th. If you're a fan of the band or someone who's looking for a good record to kick back and chill out with, I recommend you get out to one of their shows and buy yourself a copy.

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