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Silvertung - (But, At What Cost??!) Review

Genre: Rock Release Date: Febuary 15th 2019 Label: Thermal Entertainment From the second i hit play to the end of the album I found myself buried in this album. From The moment "Dodging Bullets" starts I found myself feeling super invested in this album. This is honestly my first experience with Silvertung, But I would be lying if I said i was not gonna look up some past releases.

The instrumentals are all very catchy yet heavy, While the vocals mesh perfectly with them the cherry on top is the incredibly well written lyrics on each song. Instrumentally The entirety of the project gives me major Three Days Grace vibes, While vocally i get major Rob Zombie vibes. "Dodging Bullets" serves as a perfect opener to the project due to its overall kickass in your face sound, Which does not at all go away till the very end. Overall for me this album serves as a perfect introduction to Silvertung, While I will be looking into their past work I'm excited for what the future holds for Silvertung. Overall Rating: 7.5/10 Favorite Tracks: World Gone Mad, Black Sunset, You're Fine, Done My Best

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