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SILVERTUNG Talk New Album, Building The Tung Nation In New Audio Interview


One of the more surprising albums of 2013 was the all out hard rock warfare of Maryland's SILVERTUNG and their Devil's In The Details which further solidified why this flawless foursome really deliver the goods on disc as well as in the live element. Speaking of which, Silvertung, hailing from the same great state as renowned rockers KIX, have cut their teeth with the likes of GODSMACK, SLIPKNOT, STAIND, SHINEDOWN, BUCKCHERRY and tons more nationals. Silvertung is not by any means your average hard rock/metal outfit; the boys play hard and know no other calling or life than producing great music. They are all in their twenties and early thirties yet perform like seasoned veterans. Silvertung consider The Devil's In The Details a more diverse and deeper album than its predecessor, The Pawn and have really found the confidence to open up and write what they want to write...and say what they want to say. As the band states: "We write songs with an attitude, songs with humor and songs that will make you cry."

Silvertung was recently the special guest of Metal Mayhem hosts Matthew O'Shaughnessy and Tony Gizzo in New York where they went into detail about the bands history, future ambitions, their loyal fan base known as The Tung Nation and more.

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