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Silvertung: Devil's In The Details Posted by

Hailing from Maryland (Let's go O's!) is the quintet, Metal band, Silvertung. This 2nd effort is entitled, Devil's In The Details, and is an 11 track record in the Hard Rock/Metal vain of Five Finger Death Punch, Hell Yeah and Breaking Benjamin. Their music is riff driven and crunch heavy, with an excellent production job done by Steven Wright (Slipknot).

Silvertung's music comes across very Blue Collar and from the opening chug of "Coming Alive" it is easy to hear what these guys are all about; straight ahead, blood, sweat and beers type of Metal. With catchy, get stuck in your head choruses and vocals that are mean and passionate at the same time, stand out tracks like, "Burden", "Daddy's Little Girl" and "Falling Again" all hit the mark with a good mix of aggression and melody. There is a maturity to their writing and in songs like the ballad, "Use to Fly" and the slow build of "Never Too Late", you get a big taste of what Silvertung are actually capable of.

With big meaty choruses, guitar driven riffing and just a bunch of good Rock tunes, Silvertung deliver a great sophomore effort with their Devil's In The Details. While some of the material on this record sounds a tad familiar and slightly generic, the songs are delivered with a bit of a swagger that makes this a record that I can recommend pretty easily.

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Coming Alive

3. Justify

4. Burden

5. Used To Fly

6. Déjà vu

7. Never Too Late

8. Sucker Punch

9. Falling Again

10. I Don't Care

11. Daddy's Little Girl

12. Hello

Added: April 3rd 2014

Reviewer: Butch Jones

Score: 3.5 stars

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