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Maximum Metal's Review of "Devil's In The Details

Thursday night, June 5th, Silvertung are playing in Hagerstown, MD as support for Adrenaline Mob. Joining them will be our friends Ghost Of War.

Greg Watson of Maximum Metal had the opportunity to review the band’s self-released album “Devil’s In the Details”:

“Maryland hard rockers Silvertung have put out their new album, "Devil's In the Details". Like their debut “The Own”, this offering is self-released by the band. The DIY group has shared the stage with bands like Slipknot, NonPoint and In This Moment and carry that lively experience to record. The band brings their A game to the table on tracks like "Coming Alive", "Burden" and "Sucker Punch", these songs incased with hard driving riffs and catchy hooks. Singer/guitarist Speed has a bit of Stereomud's Erik Rogers sound quality to his voice, capable of singing soulfully or conveying angrier emotions on certain songs. While this album isn't ground breaking, it's a solid hard rock record and a damn fun ride to be on.”


Speed- Lead Vocals, Guitar

ZZ- Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Skoot- Bass, Backing Vocals

Danno- Drums, Backing Screams

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Coming Alive

3. Justify

4. Burden

5. Used To Fly

6. Déjà vu

7. Never Too Late

8. Sucker Punch

9. Falling Again

10. I Don’t Care

11. Daddy’s Little Girl

12. Hello

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