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1710 Percussion and Danno Posted by

Danno is proud to annouce an exclusive sponsorship/endorsement with 1710 Percussion drums. 1710 Percussion are currently building Danno a custom hand-made stave drum kit. "Mike Caimona makes the BEST drums," said Danno. "You can't imagine how excited I was to go to his workshop and see the way he hand makes his drums, but when I had the chance to play them - DONE! I told Mike to sign me up! He doesn't make a standard "ply" drum, he creates a solid shell using staves of maple - talk about PUNCH!"

1710 Percussion provided Danno with one of their custom kits for their new video. Mike and his team are hard at work building Danno's new kit. It will be customized with graphics and a finish that reflects Danno's personality and style. Look for Danno's 1710 Percussion kit in mid-January!

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