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Silvertung confirm performance at the Shindig Music Festival Posted by by Melanie Falina

It's never too late for a hard rocking band like Silvertung- - - matter of fact, it's guaranteed to only get better and better with each passing day from now on.

With an album as hard-hitting as Devil's in the Details, Baltimore rockers, Silvertung are happy to keep delivering their unique brand of hard rock, Nu Metal, and attitude galore - and music enthusiasts couldn't be happier for it. "This group of songs is definitely special. This CD is much more diverse, and I’d say it’s deeper," explained Silvertung singer and guitarist, Speed, in a press release.

Not as deep, but so in good fun, is the story of how the band got their name: "The name Silvertung was revived from a 80's porno movie, though the spelling was Silver Tongue," recalls Speed. "We were practicing in my uncles basement. And being guys, we had to check out these old porno tapes. Tapes! I think they were VHS tapes. [Laughs] But I really liked the name, just did not like the spelling. But then 'The Simpsons' had an episode 'Silver Tongue,' and I thought, 'Ok, this is a sign.' But I still did not like the spelling. So I thought, 'What about Tung instead of Tongue?' Heard something about the Korean Mafia, the Tungs. Thought that was very cool. The [band's] name Silvertung was born."

Having already played upon the same stage with the likes of Godsmack, Disturbed, ShineDown, Slipknot, Chevelle, Staind, Papa Roach, BuckCherry, Hailstorm, Drowning Pool, P.O.D., Smile Empty Soul, In This Moment, and a whole slew more, Silvertung is ready to take stages all over the world this summer - including a pretty big one at the Shindig Music Festival, Baltimore's "True Rock and Roll Festival" on September 19. The all-day festival will feature two identical main stages with no overlapping sets of music - no more debating which band to check out knowing you'll have to sacrifice another.

Scheduled to appear at this year's Shindig Music Festival are Anthrax, Godsmack, and Stone Temple Pilots at the top of the bill, and then with Chevelle, Helmet, Reverend Horton Heat, Nothing More, Crobot, Black Angel Down, More to Monroe - and of course, Silvertung also taking the stage.

“We are absolutely passionate about live music. It’s this exchange of energy from us to the crowd, then from the crowd right back to us.. There is nothing else like it in the world. When the fans are singing our music back to us word for word, and their volume is louder than ours - wow - t doesn’t get any better than that,” explained Silvertung lead guitarist, Codey Red about the magic of playing live on the band's website.

To see a list of all Silvertung's upcoming concerts click here - and then get yourself to one of those shows.

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