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Despite Technical Difficulties, Silvertung Still Rocks NC Festival Posted by

The 2015 North Carolina Summer Music Festival was a strange beast that baffled and confused many of those who were there both on the stage as well as in the crowd. There was definitely a lack of people in attendance as some bands played just for a handful of people who took the time to stop and listen to them. One thing that wasn’t confusing was the fact that it was blistering hot that day and the humidity was thick and stifling. There was also another thing that wasn’t confusing and that was the fact that those bad boys from Maryland that go by the name of Silvertung came there to rock out and chew bubble gum. Yes, they were all out of bubble gum.

The guys hit the stage as the opening chords of “Coming Alive” began to ring through the PA system. To those guys, they attacked the stage with every bit of tenacity as if they were headlining Madison Square Garden. The guys ran through several songs from their latest CD Devil’s in the Details, but the technical difficulties that plagued that stage all day long really did rear their ugly head during their set. You couldn’t hear any of the vocals and the band ended up stopping their set as the problem was addressed. Lead singer Speed tried his best to joke around and entertain the crowd, but he had his hands full as the 90+ degree temps had everyone’s patience running thin.

The problems were temporarily fixed, but not completely and the guys ran off a few more songs including their Top 40 hit “Never Too Late” and quickly wrapped up their sweaty, technical difficulty plagued set. The impressive thing is that the band never let all of those problems get the best of them or at least they have pretty good poker faces and never let it show. While other bands would have thrown a temper tantrum or had a diva moment, the guys remained calm, cool and collective, even in the 90+ degree temps.I think a lot of bands, including some veterans, could learn a thing or two from these hard working guys.

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