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Singled Out: Silvertung's Face The Music Posted by

Baltimore hard rockers Silvertung just released their brand new single and video "Face The Music" to celebrate we asked frontman Speed to tell us about the track, which will be on their forthcoming album "Out of The Box".

Here is the story:

As we fire up 2016 on all cylinders...we are bringing you guys full circle on the last few years of our rock journey…with the release of our newest single "Face The Music." The track is special to us because we're continuing to push the limits of our music.

We've spent the last three years touring and making new relationships in the industry and meeting new amazing people - our fans have dubbed themselves "The TungNation." What an honor to have fans that are so supportive…it may sound like an uplifting journey, but there's a down side of that journey as well. There are many people that just want to take from us. I bet that sounds familiar to other musicians. While we were on tour, we started to feel the backlash from people…so called 'industry' people. Our manager just kept telling us "Keep pushing forward, these people won't mean anything later in your career." Those positive words helped in the short term, but we've found more and more people trying to take down the band - from promoters to other bands to the industry.

You can imagine we were on the edge - A LOT! One day while out on the road, we had a day off and went to a deli to grab food and see some sites. The people who worked at the deli looked at us and asked, "Are you guys a band?"

We were a little hesitant on saying yes. I opened my big mouth and said "Yeah, what kind of music do you like?" While I'm asking, you could hear folk music in the background. I was totally taken back, when the guy said Rock, Hard Rock, Metal etc. We hung around the deli for the next few hours with the people who worked there and had a blast! What that made us realize was that it's all about the people that believe in us. What our manager had been telling us, was coming into focus.

Later that evening, while we were sitting in the hotel jamming, I had a riff that I liked and we started working on it. That's when the lyrics for "Face The Music" came pouring out like crazy. Everything I started singing about was about the past few years of negative encounters. We were really digging the idea behind the song - we wanted to take a negative situation - that had made a huge impact us and put that to words for the song. That's when we realized that the song was coming full circle for Silvertung as a band.

The title didn't come right away, but the lyrics, "Don`t bring a knife to a gunfight, You should have known that you never throw stones" did.

After coming home, we took time off to do additional writing. I came to rehearsal with the song we had started on the road and read the lyrics to the guys, and said it`s called "Face The Music." It gave us chills. We connected with the song. We recorded a rough draft and sent it to our producer Steven Wright. His first reaction was "HELL YES! This is a great song!" We made a few changes as we were recording and we had a winner! "Face The Music" has been a very positive reaction to negative situation. That's Silvertung - no matter what negativity we face, we try to make the best of that situation and 'face the music.'

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video here and learn more about the band right here!

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