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Interview ~ Speed From Silvertung

The music industry is a dog-eat-dog world and it’s tough for a band not to feel as if they’re wearing Milkbone underwear. The fans help build you up, while other people in and outside of the industry do all they can to tear you back down. The pressure’s enough to make some bands throw in the proverbial towel and call it quits. The Maryland based band Silvertung felt that very confusing pressure and a food stop in a deli while out on tour may have proven to be a turning point for the band that helped them to regain focus. The guys seem to have tapped into something as of late and the creative juices seem to flowing at an all-time high.

They started writing for the follow-up to 2013’s Devil’s in the Details and the musical floodgates seem to open as the songs began to take shape. If the proof is in the pudding, then “Face The Music” is our first taste of some pretty tasty kick-ass pudding that they are creating. It’s the first single off of their upcoming album Out of the Box and it came out of the gate with a furry. It’s the band’s second single to reach Billboard’s Top 40 Mainstream Rock Chart and it creating a buzz for the band that it’s never quite experienced before. I recently sat down with the band’s lead singer Speed to talk about the new album, being up for awards and what’s ahead on the band’s radar.

The new single’s called “Face The Music” and it’s really getting the attention of a lot of people who may not have had Silvertung on their radar before. Are you getting that kind of vibe as well?

Speed/Silvertung: Yeah and it’s kind of weird; when we first talked about which song we would be putting out as a single, this was actually our second choice. It really wasn’t the first choice because we were thinking of another song that we had done. We put it out there to some of the people in radio and they also told us that this was the one we wanted to go with because it had a great vibe. The story behind it is also pretty awesome, so it kind of went hand in hand. I don’t think any of us were expecting it to do what it is done so far and it’s still so early. It still has a long lifetime to keep growing and from where we’re sitting at we are kind of going, ‘wow what is next?’. We want to see more things happen not just on our end, but from the fans perspective as well. We want to get the best out of it not just for ourselves but for our fans as well. We want them to reap the rewards as well because they have supported us for so long and they are our bosses.

Silvertung - Live in South Carolina

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