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‘OUT OF THE BOX’ New Release from Silvertung

‘OUT OF THE BOX’ New Release from Silvertung

Hard Rocker’s Silvertung, who are an East Coast Maryland favorite, delivers an original sound of metal on new album ‘Out of the Box’. The band tapped producer Stephen Wright, who has worked with Slipknot, to help get this grinding metal sound to the front of a nicely package assault on the ears that is beautiful.

  1. Face the Music – A hard rocking beginning to with great guitar and pulsing drums.

  2. Never Too Late – Soft beginning, nice vocals, good melody and harmony coming in as well. Builds up to a great rocking guitar and drums. Nice and beautiful song with a great guitar solo.

  3. Devil’s Advocate – Fast guitar and drums for a hard hitting sound to knock your sock’s off. Nicely done.

  4. Taunted – Nice melody with good guitar. Catchy song that is wonderfully finished.

  5. Ain’t that a Bitch – Hard rock with an attitude! Great, wonderful and fabulous!!

  6. You & Me – Love the beginning to this song, simply fantastic. Beautiful song with lovely vocals and lyrics.

Looking for something different to rock out to? A little metal and rock that will make your problems seem far away? Silvertung’s new release is just what is needed. This is a great sound from musicians who have talent. Hard Rock with a little attitude! Give it a listen!


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