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The ride started a little over two years ago for me. It started with a phone call. World’s Loudest Month had just kicked off with Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville Florida. One of my colleagues from Adrenaline 101 Radio was in Jacksonville covering the show and felt compelled to give me an update… 2 o’clock in the morning! So I awakened from my slumber, rolled over an answered my phone. I was given, in a pumped frame of mind, a rundown of the day’s events at Welcome to Rockville. During that rundown one of the bands that was brought up was Silvertung. I believe one of the statements made was “Dude, you gotta check out this band Silvertung!” So let it be spoken, so let it be done!

Fast forward a little over a month and a half later, I find myself in Fredericksburg Virginia for Operation Rock Fest! And guess who is on the bill? Yes, Silvertung. I was able to see what all the fuss was about first hand! I was not disappointed!

Here we are two years later and the fellas have not let their foot off the throttle since and in just a few days, July 8th, 2016, Silvertung is set to release their debut album with Pavement Entertainment. Getting to know not only the Band, but also many of the “‘TungNation” natives, the name placed upon the army of Silvertung fans, over the past two years has brought to light a much deeper look into the workings of this Maryland based band. And I can tell you, they are far from typical. Through perseverance, a relentless work ethic and a deep routed passion of their craft they have taken off like a rocket! A typical scenario for an officially signed band lends to a lot of hard work; countless shows, song writing and a drive to move in only one direction….Up! Well, there is no doubt that is there, but as previously stated Silvertung is anything but typical. You see, they have taken their music and went places many bands only dream about as an unsigned band. They have previously self-released two albums, in which they put a single, “Never Too Late,” on the Billboard charts, from their 2014 album “Devil’s in the Details.” An accomplishment that is most certainly worth mentioning. They have since been signed to Pavement Entertainment, have yet another single, “Face The Music,” meandering on the Billboard charts and their “Official” debut album is yet to be released! Fear not, however, we are just a few days away!

The new album, “Out of the Box” will officially release this Friday (July 8th, 2016). It teeters on the fine line between a full length album and an EP, as it is just six songs. But six very good songs, so I’ll take it! If you haven’t had the pleasure to get familiar with Silvertung yet, I put them in my self-described sub-genre of what I call “Millennial Metal.” Falling into the grouping of bands such as Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, Pop Evil, Three Days Grace and the likes there of.

Out of the Box, leads off with the song “Face the Music,” which has already made its way onto the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. I’m pretty sure that being shot out of a cannon feels pretty much like this. Its sets the tone for the album right from the start.

Caught somewhere between a power ballad and an all-out rocker, the second song, “Never Too Late” is the aforementioned Billboard charting work from their self-released “Devil’s in the Details” album. Leading into the song with a look into the soft side of your soul it quickly escalates into a driving, in your face thrill ride.

Their latest single “Devil’s Advocate,” sitting in the #3 spot on the album, picks up the pace a little as Danno delivers a driving, machine gun backbeat on the drum kit. This is one of those songs that you must use extreme caution when listening to it in your car, for it fosters an extreme urge to drive really fast.

One of my favorites on the album is, track #4, “Taunted.” With tempo changes galore and Codey’s execution of some of the best guitar work on the album. On second thought, this may very well be my favorite song on the album!

Speaking of a “drive fast” song, “Ain’t That a Bitch,” track #5, may drive you even harder when behind the wheel of your car. It takes it a step further, it not only makes you want to drive fast, but also gives you visual fantasies of plowing through the 5 speed manual transmission in your Bugatti. High speed, low drag!

Rounding out the album, “You & Me”, the 6th and final track is a departure from the rest of album, sitting well in a completely different realm. As the band pulls you through a pure Adrenaline rush to this point in the album, acting as true gentlemen, they let you down easy. You & Me, shows a completely different side of the band as it gives a ballad performance that pulls you to yesteryear. Well, that is for those of us that endured the Hair Metal Power Ballads of the 80’s and early 90’s. Emotionally charged and musically vibrant, You & Me is not only good, it’s brilliant!

While Scoot and Danno deliver the flawless rhythm and time keeping through the entire album, Codey presents his musical prowess with precision guitar work complimenting Speed’s axe wielding and unique and undaunting vocals. I’m very excited for the release of “Out of the Box!” And to be honest…..You should be too! From front to back this is an exceptional recording. I have but one hang up with it. After just six tracks, I was left wanting more!

So on July 8th, don’t stop on the way home from work to buy this album! Nope don’t you dare!

Instead leave a little early and pick it up on the way in!


Track Listing:

1.Face the Music

2.Never Too Late

3.Devil’s Advocate


5.Ain’t That a Bitch

6.You & Me

Silvertung - Out Of The Box Live

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