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PREMIERE: Silvertung Release New Music Video For “Devil’s Advocate”

After a (hopefully) awesome 4 of July for many of our american readers, here on VENTS we are kicking off another week with an exciting band that would knock you down with their heavy guitars, hard hitting drums, powerful vocals and overall high-octane rock sound reminiscent of bands such as Slipknot and Drowning Pools – we are talking about Billboard charters Silvertung, who are teaming up with the magazine to premiere their latest single “Devil’s Advocate” off their Steven Wright (who has worked with everyone from Slipknot to Avril Lavigne) produced album Out of the Box.

Like a bird of prey, “Devil’s Advocate” is a killer soaring high. The video is a captivating performance piece that showcases the energy and exemplary chops of Silvertung. Director David Snowden takes care to give each member ample screen time, but it’s the wider angle shots with the full band that truly captures the uniform assault to the senses that Silvertung brings to the table. A well placed letterbox, top notch color grading, and carefully selected visual effects turn this performance piece into a truly cinematic effort.

With the release of Out Of The Box the band will deliver on the huge anticipation they’ve cultivated not just by their dynamic live show, but also their rapidly expanding online presence. The first single, “Face The Music,” cracked the Top 40 on Billboard Active Rock, with a video that has garnered over 100,000 YouTube views. While most bands in the genre push hard on a straightforward 4/4 beat, Silvertung incorporates everything from a swing feel in “Face The Music” to a change of time signatures from 4 to 3 in “Devil’s Advocate.” It creates an abundance of textures and layers, always keeping the listener on their toes.

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