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Photos: Momentous hometown kickoff for Silvertung tour

On Friday night, Angel’s Rock Bar in Baltimore, MD was the place to be as Silvertung kicked off their first North American tour. Silvertung fans, family and friends came out to show their love and support to this talented group of guys, as they hit the road in support of their new album Out Of The Box on the “Hit the Pavement Tour” along with opening acts VIA and Vajra. Soon the rest of the US will discover what Baltimore music fans have known for a few years, Silvertung is a damn fine rock band-especially live. A complete list of tour dates is available on AXS.

2016 has been an incredible year for Silvertung. The band was signed to Pavement Entertainment, released an amazing new album with the Billboard Top 40 Mainstream Rock Chart track “Face The Music” and won two Maryland Music Awards. Silvertung has earned their solid reputation for original high energy, fist pumping in the air, hard rock music. While attending a Silvertung concert, be prepared for some heart racing musical marksmanship, an exhilarating stage show and personable crowd interaction. Silvertung is passionate about live music and the exchange of energy from the guys in the band to the crowd is palpable and it is joyously given right back to them from their fans. Their ever-growing legion of fans have come to be known as "The Tung Nation." It’s always a good time when fans are singing music along with the band word for word. Speaking of singing, lead vocalist and guitar player Speed needs to be mentioned. There is a quality and tone to his voice which is a strong part of what has elevated this band and rise to the next level. (Recently AXS got to chat with Speed, that interview can be found here.)

Opening acts VIA and Vajra were impressive as well and worth showing up early for to check out. First on was VIA from Minneapolis, MN and they were a good rockin start. They are a little green but the talent is definitely there. A little more experience and original material is all they need to bust through o their own. Vajra is really something special and have managed come up with a completely new sound of metal. They bring mystical, moody and haunting melodies to the stage that are completely entrancing. Lead singer Annamaria Pinna’s voice and presence was captivating. photos by Kim Allegrezza - Silvertung

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