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Ten Bands you add to your playlist NOW!

How do you choose your favorite bands? Do you go see them live at a local venue? Do you listen to radio? Do you find them on social media threads? In today’s rock world, there are so many ways to discover new music and bands that are worth checking out and adding them to your playlist. We receive over 3,500 submissions every month and we have a team of 90 people who help select what is heard and not heard on Rock Rage Radio. Every week, we are gonna give you a list of 10 bands that you need to add to your playlist immediately! Check out these 10 Killer Bands!

Hand Of The Tribe Pain Reclaim the Sky ALL7SAID Story of a Ghost Never Your Zero Silent Theory Madison Rising SILVERTUNG

Rock Rage Radio plays these artists and many more, and you can listen in at or download the app on Google Play and on your IPhone.

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