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Rock Wired Editor's Choice - "Who Made 2016 Rock!"

What a years it's been with a crazy election and everything else that is happening in the world. It's been an eventful one for ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE as well with our recent shift from being a monthly magazine to a publication that will be released once every two months. The first issue of this new release cycle will be issued on December 16, 2016 and will feature our eagerly anticipated EDITOR'S CHOICE list where ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE gives it up for 25 of the bands and artists who made the 2016 editorial calendar something to experience. A lot of love and care was put into this list and - as the editor - I feel that not a space was wasted. A truly exciting year has come to a close and we here at ROCKWIRED are anxious to celebrate the close of the year with you in what is sure to be a truly exciting issue.

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