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Danno signs with Diamondback Sticks

Danno drummer for Silvertung (hard rock band from Mid-Atlantic

Danno Waters is hard-hitting drummer for the hard rock band, Silvertung. The band signed to Pavement Entertainment in March 2016. Their latest release, “Out Of The Box” hit the street on July 8th. Silvertung have three (3) Billboard Mainstream Rock Radio Chart hits – “Never Too Late,” “Face The Music” and “You & Me.” Silvertung’s last single, “You & Me” debuted at #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Radio’s Most Added List edging out such marquee bands as Korn, Blink-182 and From Ashes To New. It remained on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Radio Chart for 9 consecutive weeks peaking at #27. Three of the band’s four videos have garnered over 250,000+ YouTube views and are still climbing. In addition the band received two Maryland Music Awards at their 2016 presentation including, “Best Heavy Metal Band,” and the top award of the evening, “Breakout Artist of 2016.” Silvertung performed live at the televised event.

As a self-taught drummer, Danno’s playing is not bound by rudiments and limitations. “I was brought into the drum world at an early age,” said Danno. “Having the hereditary disease, Brachydactyly, I knew I would face challenges. I’ve battled with just holding the sticks, but I refused to let that stop me. Through the years, I was able to adapt a style all my own that allows me to handle the sticks while still getting full use of them. It has not been an easy road, but I couldn’t imagine my life without my drums.” In 2016, Danno met Mike Caimona of 1710 Percussion. “I fell totally in love with 1710 Percussion. I have an exclusive endorsement to play their custom-made drums. I play a six piece with Evans Heads to compliment the rich and full sound that made me fall in love with these drums. I cut the beat with a custom handmade 1710 Percussion 13 by 7” snare and Pearl Direct Drive Demonator Double Bass Pedals. I accent the sounds with Saluda cymbals – making my set a complete weapon of musical drive and power. Recently I received a unique stick holder from “Bitch Strap” that holds my new Diamondback Drumsticks.

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