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Silvertung New Album “Lighten Up”!

Silvertung "Lighten Up" cover

Lighten Up

Tracklist Band 1- Devil’s Advocate Speed- Vocals/Guitar 2- Dig Codey- Lead Guitar 3- Face The Music Skoot- Bass 4- I Don’t Care Danno- Drums 5- Justify 6- Deja Vu

Produced By: Steven Wright

Official Website:

I will admit when I first heard that Silvertung was going to release an acoustic album, I was a little concerned. I wasn’t sure their hard driving songs could be pulled off in a soft like tone. Not only did the band pull that off, they went up a level by changing some of the tunes up. But, before I get into that, I want to say how cool is that album cover, nothing says unplugged like that does, plus the wordplay on the title Lighten Up, being that they are a hard rock act. I think that whoever came up with that was ingenious. Well done, I must say. Lighten Up was recorded in front of a live audience that was made up of music industry critics and professionals at Wrightway Studios. It comes out on October 13th. (Editor Note: Release date is October 27th, preorders are available at Amazon and iTunes now!)

Back to the music. There are only 6 tracks, but they are unique. When you think acoustic, you usually think stripped down songs to their bare bones, with little variance. It’s not the case here. Don’t get me wrong they are all the same in context, yet different. You might say they have a twist. The opening track Devil’s Advocate (A fave of mine), is quite different from the original. It’s slower, not as aggressive and a much different tone. I like it. I think it could be on the soundtrack of Game Of Thrones. The next song Dig is the band’s current single for the record. Dig is a worthy choice for a single as it highlights the best of everyone in the band. Face The Music has more of a fun beat to it than the original. The band does a good job giving you the core of the song but making it upbeat. I will say the drums are outstanding in this one.

The studio version of I Don’t Care is a kick ass in your face tune. The unplugged version isn’t that way at all. In my opinion, it’s more empathetic. I think it would be a good follow up to the single to Dig. Justify is the crowd pleaser in any format and the acoustic version is no different in that way. Finally, the band closes it out with Deja Vu. It’s great in its original form, and impactful here. It’s my favorite of the six. It was the right decision to end with this one. The song is just fantastic on all fronts and a great way to end a show and a record. In closing, I have to say I have played these songs many times, tested them in headphones and in my car, and found myself jamming away. Now that’s a good sign of a great album. I would have loved to have witnessed this set and experienced it. Songs to check out Devil’s Advocate, Face The Music and Deja Vu.

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