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Silvertung Lighten Up

Silvertung return with a new acoustic six song EP called Lighten Up, well, new to a point. See, for a change of pace the band, lead singer Speed, guitarist Codey, and drummer Danno, have re-recorded previously released songs and made a new and exciting sounding album for them. It’s a totally different approach to these songs and it works. “Devil’s Advocate,” start things off. A very heavy and guitar oriented song, it it stripped down considerably here and along with violin being added, it gave the song a more polished and raw sound in my opinion.

“Face The Music” is more or less the same way but sounding much more like a blues song, which I did not expect and was pleasantly surprised of the song. “I Don’t Care,” one of my favorites from them because of its heaviness, is almost completely redone here guitar wise giving it a much different sound than the original. Speed’s vocals on this show a lighter and more melodic side to him. Was it their intention to do this to some of their songs? Of course it was. And not only did it work, it made me even more a fan of them hook, line, and sinker. “Dig” is the first single of off the album and the band also released a video for this song so check it out.

Listening to Silvertung perform this album made me crave more than only these six songs and completely shows new view of the band. It can be purchased through their website if you don’t already have it, didn’t ask Santa for it, or just didn’t know about it, because now you don’t have any excuses to not have this. And don’t forget to check out the interview we have from them right here in the coming weeks talking about this new album, touring, and the new DVD the band has.

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