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Silvertung song ‘Devil’s Advocate’ featured in ‘Rock N’ Roll Paranormal’

A Gallup Poll stated that three out of four Americans believe in paranormal phenomena. From television to movies and music, netherworldy themes abound in modern culture. Recently Speed, the lead singer of the acclaimed hard rock band Silvertung, led AXS on a paranormal investigation of the Battlefield Bed & Breakfast in Gettysburg, Pa. Joining the team for the evening was Special Investigator and fellow rocker Lonnie Hammer. The entire investigation was captured in a video the team calls “Rock N’ Roll Paranormal.” (click to watch episode) The soundtrack for the video is an instrumental version of the Silvertung song “Devil’s Advocate.” A live stripped down jam-session version of “Devil’s Advocate” can be found on the band’s latest release Lighten Up. The companion “Lighten Up” DVD delivers a poignant look behind the band’s first acoustic album and was just launched as part of Silvertung's Pledge Music Campaign.

Speed has been fascinated by the paranormal for some time and is quite knowledgeable about the equipment used in investigations. He seemed thrilled to get to share a different side of himself with fans as he guides them through the video. "I got into the paranormal to help find some answers to the unknown, but I had experienced some paranormal activities myself. I'm a history buff and do extensive amounts of history with each investigation I go on. Because of my paranormal experiences in the past, I'm always looking for the truth,” he said. It is this same openness to the unknown and the ability to experiment that allowed Speed to explore with the band’s music and come up with the idea of an acoustic album in the first place.

One of the more significant moments of the investigation took place with Lonnie Hammer at a location called Sachs Bridge. "I really didn't think I'd see something that night, but I actually did. I don't know what it was and I can't explain what it was, but it was there,” said Lonnie Hammer of his experience. Interestingly, local tour guide Miss Betty from Miss Betty’s Ghosts verified Lonnie’s story prior to hearing him relay it when she told everyone some of her own experiences which were identical to his.

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