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Review: SILVERTUNG (But, At What Cost??!)

It’s hard to find band that stands head and shoulders above the pack, everything has been done, though every now and again you come across a band that catches your attention and you’ve got to listen to some more. Currently, for me, currently that band is SILVERTUNG, who hail from Baltimore, Maryland. They have released some new music, though it’s hard for me to differentiate if it’s an E.P. or an album, regardless, it’s a collection of seven tunes, that are pummeling, heavy rock.

Silvertung But At What Cost - KNAC Review

SILVERTUNG is four piece band is comprised of SPEED on vocals and guitar, CODEY on lead guitar, SAM SOUR on bass and DANNO on drums. SPEED’s voice is gritty, melodic and memorable, and the guitar riffs are potent, and will tear you to shreds, like a bird getting sucked into a jet plane engine. Ouch! However, the outcome is much better for the listener, but you get the idea.

I like what SILVERTUNG is about, they are hellbent on conquering the modern rock realm, if and when they are arena worthy, that remains to be seen. SILVERTUNG have a ways to go before they get anointed the ‘next big thing’, but you know what? They’re not wearing masks and dressing up like popes and cardinals, they ‘really’ do rock, they don’t sound like a bastard son of LED ZEPPELIN and they don’t have a retro hipster vibe. SILVERTUNG sound what you’d expect a modern rock ‘n’ roll band to sound and goddamnit, I love this! Just listen to “Dodging Bullets” and “Feel Inhuman” as evidence of this. I can’t wait to hear a ‘complete’ album. Until then, I’ll have (But, At What Cost??!) on regular rotation.

4.0 Out Of 5.0

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