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Silvertung At The Backseat Bar and Grill 8/19/2017

August 19th was the greatly anticipated return of Silvertung to the Quad state area. The TUNG Nation packed Backseat Bar and Grill in Winchester, Virginia as they waited patiently to see the band that they have grown with over the past 10 years as well as the family that we all call The TUNG Nation.

Speed of Silvertung

Starting off the night was the powerhouse trio Finding Dimes out of Martinsburg, West Virginia. Finding Dimes have strongly built a reputation as one of the more sought after bands in the area. With their raw hard hitting rock or if there needed to be a label alt/rock Finding Dimes woke up Backseat Bar and Grill and served notice to all that they were there to bring the rock and roll. Having seen Finding Dimes before it was no surprise to me that they commanded the room, and the fans openly handed them their admiration and endorsement proving just why they are as I said before one of the more sought after bands in the Quad state area.

Backseat was treated to an overwhelming surprise gift in the form of Big Deal from Winchester Virginia. Let me start off by saying if you have never seen Big Deal live, it is a truly awe inspiring show. I know the argument can be made that they play covers, but I dare you to find a band they can hold a candle to what Big Deal brings to every show. This six piece band Kevin – Lead vocals & tambourine, Lorie Ann – Vocals/Backing Vocals, Walter – Bass, Robb – Drums, Carey – Lead Guitar, and Bryan – Rhythm are consistently progressing with the music and bands they choose to represent. With 20 plus years collectively Big Deal is as the name says a “Big Deal”. True musicians and masters of their craft and on this night where the doctor’s that took their music and gave it to the crowd injecting life and a great appreciation for the music that they presented to us all

The time had come, and yes the crowd was in a heightened frenzy. The anticipation of Silvertung taking the stage was at a feverous roar. With an explosion not literally but more metaphorically there they stood before us Codey, Speed, Skoot and Danno. I have to admit I had cold chills and in the back of my mind I was taken back to the first time I had ever seen Silvertung. The music industry always talks about bands progressing, evolving, etc. but sometimes the words or meaning seem lost in the translation when they are tagged to a band. However time and time again Silvertung has nailed home all those words, phrases or ideas and done it while defying all the negatives that come with their continued success and avoid the drama that can spell sudden death for bands or musicians. Speed – Vocals/Guitar, Codey – Guitar, Danno – Drums, and Skoot – Bass have stepped forward and taken on all challenges the industry throws at them and they have a achieved great success while keeping there noses to the grindstone. Silvertung’s set on August 19th also conveyed the message of a band that has no ambition of slowing down covering songs from The Pawn, and Devils In The Details, to Out Of The Boxwhile also teasing of a few surprises that they were working on.

To say Silvertung’s return to the Quad state was much overdue would be an understatement, to say Silvertung came into Backset Bar and Grill and Winchester, Virginia and tore the place a new one….well my friends I can say without a doubt they damn sure did….

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