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Holiday Six-Pack 12/10/17 at Cancun Cantina in Hanover, MD

Silvertung at Cancun Cantina

Tora Tora made their way back to Maryland to play the Holiday Six Pack last month along with local fan favorites Silvertung, Tubefreeks, Chatterbox, newcomers Babylon Shakes, and New York’s Ryder. The Six Pack, which will most likely be an annual event, is a show promoted by Brad Lee Entertainment. The same company who, over the last three years, has brought back some big names to the state of Maryland. Many of which, fans have been longing to see again. Case in point, it had been over 25 years since Tora Tora had even played in this state and it was great to see them re-energized and returning to play for their fans.

Ryder were first to ready the rowdy. Having played a show earlier in the summer for BLE, they were no strangers to this crowd, and this crowd sure knew how to get wild. Hailing from Queens, NY, this four piece is all power and presence. Making themselves known right away with their lead track “Do Or Die” off their debut EP IV, as “Slave To Love” lyrically laid the rock-n-roll law down. By time they got to “Pretty Fucked Up” by Supersuckers, folks were geared up ready to ride. Vocalist/guitarist James Ryder, guitarist Andrew Bloch with Tim Freyr on bass and Billy Smith on drums dropped the real deal on stage while raising hell by with the crowd. I suspect we will see a lot more from these guys from here on out, if the rock-n-roll gods know what’s good for them.

Next up were Babylon Shakes. Their first ever performance turned some heads with the crowd. Born from the ashes of the band Last Call Messiahs, lead vocalist Chris Clark has delivered something new and exciting in Babylon Shakes; a fresh, in-your-face three piece sleaze rock band and they meant business playing for the first time at this event. Everyone loved what they heard and I expect good things to come from this band. Look for them to play the M-Pre Party next on May 3rd.

Chatterbox, another Maryland local fan favorite, made their second appearance at a Brad Lee event and again put on another great performance, rousing the crowd and priming them up for the evening to come. Billy, Kevin, Jeff, and Bobby know how to play and play they did. Filling in last time they played, they earned a longer set and the crowd at hand loved every song. Look for these guys to grace a BLE event show again one day.

Tubefreeks, making their debut for BLE, was a big hit in my opinion. Having never seen them before, they put on a great show and I do hope to see them perform again real soon.

Now, the next band, Silvertung, I can’t get enough of. Having seen them only two times prior, I knew what to expect from these hometown rockers and again found myself waiting in anticipation on what was to come. If you have never seen these guys play live, you must be living under a rock. Speed, Codey, Danno, and new bassist TC, no question are the real deal. With a new acoustic EP and DVD out, these guys do not mess around, especially when playing live for the crowd. Never have seen them? Make a plan to do so as they are incredible to see live and now with new bassist TC intact, they aim to take 2018 by storm.

Tora Tora ended the night by returning to headline this show, which like I said in the beginning of this review, had not played the area in a long time, over 25 years to be exact. With all of their original members intact still, lead singer Anthony Corder, drummer John Patterson, bassist Patrick Francis, and guitarist Keith Douglas put on an incredible show, playing all of their hits from their three albums. Of course, “Walkin’ Shoes” was the biggest hit of the evening and it was great seeing these guys back playing together again. They have recently signed a new deal with Frontiers Records so look for a new release from them coming in the next year or so as well.

Brad Lee Entertainment is getting better by the show, especially in the Baltimore area. This show more than proved that statement and what is in store for May is even better. Sleazy Slimey Sunday returns once more, the third year for this mind you, and it is a spectacular lineup with openers Old School, Denman, Streetlight Circus, Kickin’ Valentina, Every Mothers Nightmare, Ted Poley from Danger Danger, Babylon A.D., and headliners Junkyard. You can purchase tickets at

Photo by Tiffany Ann Mitchell

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