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Exclusive Music Video Premiere: “Done My Best” by Silvertung

Mid Atlantic rock band Silvertung has released the Official Music Video for “Done My Best”, a single from their upcoming full-length album coming out on February 19, 2019.

“Done My Best was the first song we wrote for the new album But, At What Cost!!??. It started with a riff that Codey was jamming on in rehearsal. It had a fresh feel and was the track that drove the rest of the writing process.

“I remember when it came time to start recording ‘Done My Best’. After a long day in the studio, I had a lyric that was stuck in my head… “Open your eyes to another surprise, something that don’t exist, common sense is all but dead…” After the session, I was driving home, different lyrics starting running through my head. I pulled into a park and ride and sat in my truck writing for the next few hours. The lyrics were all over the place, so I had to sift through the lyrics and try and make sense of it all.

Done My Best is about how we all have idiot tendencies. Some days I feel like we have lost the common sense side of life…maybe it’s just me. It's tough not to let the world around us make decisions for us, but in the end, we all have to do our best to treat each other with love and respect… So we can make it through another day.” – SPEED (vocals)

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