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Silvertung “But, At What Cost??!” Review by Kristin Welcome

Silvertung "Done My Best"

The latest release from Silvertung, “But, At What Cost??!” is slated to drop on February 15, 2019. The release is produced by Steven Wright (Slipknot, Mars Volta, and Rihanna) and a partnership with Thermal Entertainment. The single, “Done My Best” was released January 13, 2019.

“Done My Best” is a return to the heavy hitting, and electrified sound that fans expect from Silvertung. The song is anthemic, bold, and catchy; proving to be the right choice for early release, as a single. The chorus line is one that fans will instantly be singing, and head banging along to. This song will ultimately find itself on major radio, and will be the springboard for moving Silvertung back into the Billboard Top 40.

In my opinion, the mark of great musicianship, especially in the realm of Hard Rock and Metal, is the ability to strip it all down; it all sounds great with booming guitars, amplifiers, and pounding drum beats, but so very often big sound, Hard Rock bands do not deliver in quite the same way when unplugging and going acoustic. In reviewing this album I went back through the previous albums as released by Silvertung, I wanted to get a feel for their evolution as musicians. From their inception they have released:

“Devil’s In the Details” (2013)

“Never Too Late” (2015)

“Out of the Box” (2016)

“Lighten Up” (2017)

“Lighten Up” was an album which marked a musical departure for Silvertung, a completely acoustic, stripped down, and more emotionally raw side of Silvertung. Previous releases show that Silvertung can bring it as far as heavy hitting, hard rocking riffs, and roaring rock songs. This album truly showed that Silvertung can play their instruments without the amplifiers, and that vocalist Speed has the chops. So having come off that release two years ago, I was curious to see where Silvertung would take it next.

“But, At What Cost??!) is the return to fully electrified, larger than life sound. Silvertung returns to full on Rock N’ Roll with experience under their belt, and musical season, with five years having passed since their first release. You can truly sense their evolution in their music; this is the album which will take Silvertung to the next level. Propelled by their true musicianship and ability to finely play their instruments, you can hear that skill, and it makes a difference behind bombastic rock hits, as featured on this album. Fans will find the return to the harder side of music comes with heavy hitters like, “Dodging Bullets”, which delivers a tough and gritty sound; “You’re Fine” which may serve as an anthem for getting over your addiction, heartbreak, or depression; or may be perceived as a sarcastic twist on being told, “Oh, you’ll be fine” at the onset of something troubling. This could be a tongue in cheek, interpretation of the familiar expression used in the title. You will have to pick up a copy, and be the judge of that.

Another great anthem off this album is, so effectively named, “World Gone Mad”, no doubt a commentary of the social-political times we are in. To be honest, the world has gone mad. Check this song out, and see how Silvertung interpret the chaos of our times. I found the song to be a true head banger with booming drum beats, catchy and somewhat gritty guitar riffs, and roaring lyrics, filled with angst and raw emotion. Possibly, a second single?

This is an album you do not want to miss. Silvertung is at their best on this album, having shown their musical prowess on, “Lighten Up” Silvertung are back now ready to rock, and ready to melt your face off. Pick up your copy of “But, At What Cost??!” on February 15th from select retailers, and online outlets. Silvertung is ready to take on the world with this release. If you have not heard Silvertung now is your chance, Silvertung is set for the big time with “But, At What Cost??!”

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