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Silvertung Release New Single “Done My Best”, Make A Wise Choice And Give It A Listen!

Silvertung has released a new single for their forthcoming album “(But, At What Cost??!)”, out on February 15th. You can pre-order the album here. Done My Best is an energetic rocker. Heavy riffs and pounding rhythm section. Frontman Speed delivers the vocals at a very high level. He changes up his style at various points in the song. When the song has a faster tempo he keeps up with it, when it slows down, he does as well. His yell near the end of the track is a nice surprise and a perfect for the song. I do like the way he sings a line and the band follows back with a unified voice, brilliant in my opinion. The single is about making better choices, claiming that common sense is all but gone. Check out the lyrics that define that here;

“Open your eyes to another surprise Something that don’t exist (common sense is all but dead) There’s things that we know, you just got to let go It’s not worth stressing it (you don’t have control of it)”

Choose wisely, handle what you can control, let go of what you can’t. Pretty good message there. The video shows the band performing the song, my favorite type. I’m not sure about the one sleeve jacket that Speed is sporting, but does show his tattoos on his arm. It’s definitely a cool rockstar look. Check it all out below.

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