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Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine Interview with Speed - Lead Vocals and Guitar for Silvertung

VQDM - The band is releasing a new album in February of 2019 and it seems you all have had quite the road getting to this point. What about this new album seems to make you the most excited? Speed – Personally for me. It`s the growth of the band. We all have worked very hard and have challenged ourselves to the point of becoming better song writers. We are a band that`s not about the trend. But about the value.

Silvertung 2009 - Done My Best

VQDM - The band sounds like they have had a lot of hard struggles which has made you all who you are now, what has been the hardest obstacle to overcome in this music industry so far?

​Speed – Everything… The music industry keeps changing. There’s not one thing that is harder than the other. It`s all a challenge and a struggle. But that`s what make Silvertung better and stronger.

VQDM - Is the vocalist's name SPEED an original name or stage name and is there a story behind it either way?

​Speed – It is a stage name. It was given to me while playing sports. I was the fast player in the league at the time. Nope, No drugs. No drama. lol Just sports… lol

VQDM - In this chaotic world do you feel that the outside influences has inspiration for songs such as "Devils Advocate" or "Dig"?

​Speed – Absolutely… Everything around us is an influence. Sometimes we write about our friends and family’s situation as well as our own.

VQDM - Where has been your most connective area to play as far as fans and meeting new people each time you play there?

​Speed – Home, The south. Midwest has been awesome as well. And we plan on touring more this year to gain even more fans. But everywhere we go. We always make new fans one by one.

VQDM - Does this band have a favorite past time to do together when your not performing or in studio?

​Speed – Bowling as been something we done a lot of. Even when we are on the road. There`s always a day or two off. Neither of us are good at it. Just enjoy laughing at each other. Having a good time. Just enjoying life.

VQDM - Who in the band has been the comic relief when your all diving into the writing aspects?

​Speed – That would be Danno. Hands down!

VQDM - Has there been a specific routine or recipe you have followed to get your songs in motion and to get them on the billboard charts?

​Speed – We never really think about Billboard charts. If it hits the charts! That`s great. As for writing. We get together and jam. We all have ideas, so no shortage of that. But we go with what feels good. And build on it from there. We don`t really have a particular way songs are written. So, I guess that`s our recipe. lol

VQDM - If you had a choice to tour with another band dead or alive who would it be and why?

​Speed – Me personally. Would be the original line up of Alice n Chains or Sound Garden.

VQDM - Was it hard to take down your heavier songs to a bare point in order to play them acoustically or was it a refreshing challenge with the songs?

​Speed - It was a challenge. But refreshing at the same time. We really enjoyed re-writing them as an acoustic version. We learned a lot about our writing. Being about to see ourselves from another angle, helped us grow as writers.

VQDM - Did any of you growing up play other instruments then what you are currently doing in the band?

​Speed - I always wanted to be that guitar player that stepped out of the dark into the spot light. And just blow everyone away. My friends’ band was looking for a bass player. I was playing guitar in another band, that was going nowhere. So, I made them a deal. The worse guitar player out of the three-guitarist had to play bass. Needless to say, I went out and bought my bass the next day. I played bass for two years. But my stage performance was more for a singer. Our singer at the time would not interact with the crowd. So, I started singing.

VQDM - What was the most memorable time of your child hood aspects that may have caused any of you to turn to music in the first place?

​Speed – I grew up around music. My parents were always listening to music. I was learning how to play guitar. But was good at football and baseball. I was getting close to being picked up by a minor league team. When I broke both my ankles. So, it was the music GODS that made the choice for me. And I love every minute of it!

VQDM - Do you have any one person or company that you would like to give special shout outs to for helping you in your musical career?

​Speed – David Snowden. He really helps to guide us in the right directions. And is still with our amazing team.

VQDM - How would you change the way you went about making it to this point if you could or would you leave it as is?

​Speed – Personally, I would leave it as is. We would not be where we are today, if it had not been for our mistakes.

VQDM - Any advice you can give to a band in a younger aspect trying to do the same thing your doing now?

​Speed – Never give up. If you love it, Do it ! Don`t let others tell you, you can`t.

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