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Silvertung: “(BUT, AT WHAT COST??!)” – a library of ear-catching riffs!


Award-winning rock band Silvertung, has landed on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Radio Chart three times. The Mid-Atlantic quartet, made up of vocalist Speed, lead guitarist Codey, bassist Sam Sour, and drummer Danno, have also opened for groups like Godsmack, Disturbed, Shinedown, Slipknot, Staind, Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Filter, Drowning Pool, Anthrax, P.O.D., and others. With three albums and one EP under their belt, Silvertung, in collaboration with Thermal Entertainment, have dropped their latest album “(BUT, AT WHAT COST??!)”, produced by Steven Wright, whose credits include Slipknot, Mars Volta, and Rihanna. This is the type of release that occurs when a band wants to record something to please old fans and also find new fans, but at the same time wants something that will allow them to be viewed on a higher level as artists.

“(BUT, AT WHAT COST??!)” is a collection of bursts of rhythmic aggression, and bone-crushing riffs, all designed to maximize the driving groove, and serving as a sound board for the sustained vocal roar. Like the band itself, Speed is a rock n’ roll animal, his voice a combination of harsh swagger and melodic cadence.

Every song is built from a library of ear-catching riffs, which they take on a different personality depending on what facet of his voice Speed uses, giving plenty of variation to the album. Silvertung know what they do well, and fans of the genre will likely dig right into the heaviness that they provide.

Right out of the gate, on “Dodging Bullets”, Silvertung show their true colors. The aggressive rocker is built on the driving guitar work by Codey and is likely to whip concertgoers into a frenzy when it goes live. Loud is exactly where you’ll want your volume to be, when rocking out to this track.

“Feel Inhuman” is a track full of assailing swagger, an abrasive bring-it-on vibe and one of the album’s stronger tracks – a rocker that’s sure to capture the ears of listeners. The warlike “World Gone Mad” is pure emotional Adrenalin. It’s heavy and kicks ass in no uncertain terms. It succeeds in bringing the hard in heavy doses with just the perfect smattering of melody in the right places.

“Wise Up” is a hard-driving rock song that bangs your head with every rock guru’s mantra, “turn that shit up louder!” Driven intensely by the rhythm section of bassist Sam Sour, and drummer Danno, it stands as a solid testament of the hard rock mastery that Silvertung are able to churn out.

there’s little doubt that Silvertung know how to pen a groove-filled rock tune for the head-banging crowd, the melodic moments they infuse into their songs are impressive. “Black Sunset” is a perfect testament to that musical blending.

The vocals are particularly powerful and infused with a certain passion and anger that the band captures so well. These characteristics are prevalent through the entirety of “You’re Fine” and “Done My Best”. Musically and vocally intense these songs engage the listener, forcing you to acknowledge every aspect.

It drives through you with heavy, angular riffs and powerful, almost chastising, lyrics. This is modern and thrilling Hard Rock, with powerful riffs, outstanding vocals, and choruses that truly credit Silvertung’s songs to become potential rock n’ roll radio hits!

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