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Hard Rock and Metal Band Silvertung Creates an Astounding Musical Expression With ‘Dodging Bullets"

Metal and hard rock band Silvertung creates a splurging and stupendous musical impact with the lyrical verses and arrangement of their new song, ‘Dodging Bullets’.


Maryland City, Dec 15, 2020 ( - The creative verses of hard rock have evolved into a captivating stream of musical expertise with the band, Silvertung. Their song ‘Dodging Bullets’ from their concept album, ‘(But At What Cost??!)’ proves their evolution as artists over the years. Released back in 2019, this particular song is one of those live tracks that grab one’s attention through its entirety. The song is lyrically and musically rich in its depth and creative understanding that pushes the band to accomplish bigger roles in their career. The song and the album have proved to be one of their most mature works to date and are still expanding in terms of global acknowledgment. The band is currently associated with the label Thermal Entertainment, a production collaboration that has helped him dish out various hits over the years of their salient growth as a band. They have curated a hard rock soundscape that is intense, dynamic, and all-inclusive as they are constantly looking for new inspirations, influences, and imbibed styles. Apart from the creative richness of their new song, ‘C, they have many other hits at their disposal like ‘You’re Fine’, ‘Black Sunset’, ‘Done My Best’, and ‘World Gone Mad’ among many others. With accolades like ‘Breakout Artist’ and ‘Best heavy Metal Band’, Mid-Atlantic. Be part of their exclusive array of remarkable rock music breakthrough stories by following them on Spotify, Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website. Just go for this track 'Dodging Bullets' by Silvertung :


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