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Silvertung’s But At What Cost? Review

Silvertung is releasing their 5th album, But At What Cost? February 15th. This album comes after a laid back, acoustic album, Lighten Up. With their previous songs reaching the Top 40 Billboard Mainstream Rock charts, this album is highly anticipated.

Silvertung (But, At What Cost??!)

“World Gone Mad” was my favorite track. It opens with a hard drum pound, and a great guitar bend. It has a great hook ending the chorus of “the world’s gone mad” that makes it easy to sing along and it stays in your head. It’s a great song to jam out to.

“Done My Best” was this album’s first single to be released and is on its way to Billboard’s “Most Added” list, behind Disturbed, Bad Wolves, Thrice, and Mark Morton. It starts off with high energy, great drums and heavy vocals, and closes the album “on a high note.”

I know it’s only January, but so far, this is my favorite album of 2019! It’s been on repeat for me since I first listened to it. It’s heavy enough for an energy boost, but not too heavy to not have it in the background while sitting at your desk. This album is going to gain a lot of momentum when it releases, and you definitely want to add it to your library! To keep up with Silvertung news, pre-order your album, and catch tour dates, head to their website.

Tracklist: Dodging Bullet

Feel Inhuman

World Gone Mad

Wise Up

Black Sunset

You’re Fine

Done My Best

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