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SILVERTUNG Unleash Devil's In The Details Album; 'Coming Alive' Single Streaming Posted

Baltimore, MD-based hard rockers SILVERTUNG have released their new album, Devil's In The Details. Produced/engineered by Steven Wright (who has worked with everyone from SLIPKNOT to AVRIL LAVIGNE), the just-released album is chock full of no nonsense, hard-hitting hard rock/heavy metal, as evidenced by the lead-off single, 'Coming Alive' (streaming below), as well as such awesome cuts as 'Justify' and 'Déjà Vu'.

As the group's singer/guitarist, Speed, explains, "This group of songs is definitely special. This CD is much more diverse, and I’d say it’s ‘deeper’."

Hailing from Maryland, Silvertung is comprised of Speed, lead guitarist ZZ, bassist Skoot, and drummer Danno, and have created a tremendous local buzz, on the strength of their live show, which has seen the quartet share the stage with countless national acts, including GODSMACK, DISTURBED, SHINEDOWN, SLIPKNOT, STAIND, PAPA ROACH, BUCKCHERRY, FILTER, DROWNING POOL, and P.O.D., among countless others.

And while it's their music and live performance that truly speaks for itself, the band also possesses quite an interesting moniker, as well.

"The name Silvertung was revived from an 80's porno movie, though the spelling was 'Silver Tongue'," recalls Speed. "We were practicing in my uncle's basement. And being guys, we had to check out these old porno tapes. Tapes! I think they were VHS tapes. [Laughs] But I really liked the name, just did not like the spelling. But then The Simpsons had an episode 'Silver Tongue,' and I thought, 'OK, this is a sign.' But I still did not like the spelling. So I thought, 'What about Tung instead of Tongue?' Heard something about the Korean Mafia, the Tungs. Thought that was very cool. The name Silvertung was born."

And as with all true hard rock bands, you can expect Silvertung to deliver the goods on the concert stage.

"We are absolutely passionate about live music," says ZZ. "It’s this exchange of energy from us to the crowd, then from the crowd right back to us. There is nothing else like it in the world. When the fans are singing our music back to us word for word, and their volume is louder than ours... wow. It doesn’t get any better than that."

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