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Hard Rock Haven review of Devil`s In The Details Posted by

Maryland quartet Silvertung are a refreshing addition to the Hard Rock and Alt. Metal genre, and with independently released Devil’s In the Details, they prove to be more than just the average rock band.

After a very short intro, there are eleven tracks full of diversity, but each packed with attitude, energy and style.

“Coming Alive” starts with chugging guitar riffs from ZZ which continue throughout, and the profusely heavy drumming comes from Danno. Vocalist Speed’s raspy voice is strong and commanding and the song flows well with the good bass work added by Skoot.

“Justify” is fast and relentless with a decent chorus as Speed ups the ante with louder and aggressive vocal tones.

“Burden” is a brilliant song. The excellently delicate guitar tones lead the way over some good backing riffs and the chorus is melodic and addictive. It’s a song that brings to mind Arizona clan Digital Summer, in the way that the song is so intricate at times it sounds more like electronica rather than super guitar playing, yet it is gloriously atmospheric and therefore the best song on the album by far.

“Used To Fly” is a slower ballad-like song, starting with just an acoustic guitar before the drums and amps are plugged in halfway through to make this a soft rock anthem and another highlight.

“Falling Again” is full of heavy and furious guitar work and “Daddy’s Little Girl” is a nod in the sleaze rock direction in both guitar style and lyrical content.

“Hello” is a brilliant way to end the album. Again it’s a slow tempo song, beginning with just an acoustic guitar and Speed’s stripped down vocals. Later on, the bass, guitar and drums kick in to make this a fantastic melodic rock song. ZZ adds a couple of 80s’ style guitar solos which hit the nail right on the head before the song draws a great album to a fine close.

Devil’s In the Details is a brilliant release, and as you listen to the record from start to finish, you can hear the natural progression of Silvertung as each song seems to witness the band find their feet more and more.

Fans of Godsmack, Shinedown and the heavier moments of Three Days Grace might just find Silvertung to be one of the best new hard rock acts around.

Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative Metal


Speed- Lead Vocals, Guitar

ZZ- Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Skoot- Bass, Backing Vocals

Danno- Drums, Backing Screams

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Coming Alive

3. Justify

4. Burden

5. Used To Fly

6. Déjà vu

7. Never Too Late

8. Sucker Punch

9. Falling Again

10. I Don’t Care

11. Daddy’s Little Girl

12. Hello

Record Label: Independent Release


Hardrock Haven Rating: 8/10

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