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SILVERTUNG’S “Devil In The Details” Is Rock Solid Posted by

The indie bands stands alongside the major label acts no problem.

Baltimore’s SILVERTUNG are a right on the money with their sound and ready for Rock Radio. One could put this release up there with the bigger names like Theory Of A Deadman, Papa Roach, Saliva, Shinedown, Hellyeah and bands in that genre. The production quality is fantastic too thanks to Producer/Engineer Steven Wright. I have to give the band credit too, they’re obviously great musicians as well, even the best engineer can’t make shitty artists sound like superstars.

Lead Singer Speed was probably the highlight of the band, he has a gritty deliver, but can get melodic at times as well. His style is seems to come more from the 80′s rock than the rest of the band, he seems to have a good background and knowledge of Rock and the swagger in his voice sounds very sincere. I don’t want to take away from the rest of the band, they’re very solid and Speed is complimented very well by some strong backing vocals, something that you don’t hear done very well anymore.

When I hear songs like “Coming Alive” and “I Don’t Care”, I can really hear the potential this band has for being Rock Stars like back in the glory days. ”Justify” was very creative and different from most of the tracks too. There were a couple ballads I could personally do without, but they do help diversify the album and it mixes things up a bit. And “Daddy’s Little Girl” is custom-made for strip clubs, and I can imagine it’s a fan favorite at concerts.

Bottom-line is this is a very strong release and I don’t think these guys will be unsigned for long. I tend to gravitate towards the European Rock and Metal myself, but bands like Silvertung are still doing well, and I am confident they will build a following that record labels cannot ignore.

Speed – Lead Vocals, Guitar

ZZ – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Skoot – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Danno – Drums, Backing Sreams

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