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Silvertung - "Devil's In The Details" Review Posted by

Maryland’s Silvertung come out with their second album, Devil’s In the Details, which has all the correct characteristics for modern metal. Vocalist Speed (we’re on a first name stagename basis here) has a Hetfieldian growl that works real well with the band’s metallic sleaze attitude. And the production is perfectly raw and underglossed. Guitarist ZZ churns out nasty leads that shine throughout, too.

Silvertung is at its best when it rocks fast and furious, like the badass jolts of “Deja Vu” and “Falling Again,” rather than the semi-ballad sluggishness of songs like “Use To Fly” or “Hello.” There are grunge elements to Silvertung’s metal muse as well. This is a positive thing for this reviewer (think Stone Temple Pilots), but it may not win over the hardcore headbanger traditionalist. Can’t please everybody, but Silvertung should please most.

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