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Metal Mayhem Playlist for May 30, 2014 Posted by WVOX


This Week On Metal Mayhem - Show Date: 5/30/14

Show Time: Tues - 9-11pm, Friday 6-10pm

Description: Friday PLAYLIST!

Ace Frehley - Breakout

Sixx A.M. - Lies Of The Beautiful People

Kobra And The Lotus - I Am, I Am

Damien - Say Your Prayers

Great White - Face The Day - Live

Suicidal Tendencies - Shake It Out

Testament - True American Hate

Spiral Arms - Freedom

Queensryche - Redemption

Blindman - Bulletproof

Crashdiet - Change The World

Eumeria - Rebel Mind

Marty Friedman - I Can't Relax

Crobot - Nowhere To Hide

Judas Priest - March Of The Damned

Hellion - The Hand

Gojira - The Axe

Flotsam And Jetsam - Dreams Of Death

Pyramaze - Year Of The Phoenix

Fates Warning - Firefly

Hellspeak - Until The Light Takes Us

Iced Earth - Resistance

Rush - Subdivisions - Live

Van Halen - Chinatown

Mark Slaughter - Never Givin' Up

Tempt - Under My Skin

Silvertung - Burden
Ronnie Munroe - United

Clck below to see Metal Mayhem's intro for the show featuring Silvertung!

Insert audio clip here:

252.Metal Mayhem Playlist for May 30, 2014 Posted by WVOX | On May 30, 2014.mp3

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