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When Silvertung issued their kickass album, Devil's In The Details, in 2013, it spawned such standout tracks as "Coming Alive", "Justify" and "Déjà Vu". But interestingly, one of its best tunes, "Never Too Late", was never issued as a single. But now, this will finally change, as the song has been re-recorded with David Ivory (Ivory Productions) at the helm. A Grammy-nominated producer/engineer, Ivory has had two artists (Halestorm/Atlantic Records, Silvertide/J Records/Sony) signed to major record deals in recent years.

As Silvertung's guitarist, Codey, explains, "I'd been in the recording studio before, but this was my first time with a REAL producer. Ivory watched and listened, he knew exactly how to bring out the best in my guitar playing."

The group's drummer, Danno, also has great memories of working with Ivory on the track: "Initially, David Ivory invited us to his studio in the Philadelphia region on his dime, to see if we had some chemistry. Those first sessions went really well – David likes to wave his arms and shout when you’re recording with him, but he brought out the best in us and we learned A LOT from him. He's very animated, with a lot of drummer jokes! I'm looking forward to working with him again."

A video was also recently filmed for the tune, which was directed by Wade Spencer (Spencer is the Media Manager of Imagen Records - based in Burtonsville, MD - where he oversees the company’s website development, graphic design, photography, video, and social networks).

According to Silvertung lead vocalist, Speed, “We chose to shot the video at Image Engineering because their capabilities are limitless. Joe Suehle has done amazing work with Slipknot, Guns N' Roses, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, plus the Baltimore Ravens, NFL Films, American Idol and so many others. We want a video that is over the top with a full spectrum of color, lasers, motion effects and more – and Joe is able to deliver on all fronts! We can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

"Wade has done videos for Framing Hanley, 3 Years Hollow, Candlelight Red, and many others," adds Danno. "We wanted to do a big video that would get noticed. We gave [Image Engineering] a rough stage layout design they custom built it complete with moving lights, lasers, fog and some explosions! I can’t wait to see the finished video, I know how it looked from my drum seat behind the band, I can only imagine what it looked like out front!”

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