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Silvertung- Devils In The Details Posted by

Well this band came out of nowhere. I was surfing the internet and bumped into their brand new single Never Too Late. I was very impress with their sound. If I had to put a band they sound like it would have to be like Shinedown and Hinder. I had the privilege to talk with Speed the lead singer. He was a great guy. He quoted about the song Never Too Late “Its blowing up on radio”. I couldn’t agree any more. “We only want to put out the best songs.” Speed is a class act and loves and knows it’s all about the fans. Devils In The Details is a great album to rock out too. The production is amazing and everything is a bit of fresh hair for the rock world. I am really looking forward to the future for this band. They have great past and are really on the raise. These hard working rockers are excited to show you guys this one, as I am too! My favorite song would have to be of course Never Too Late, Burden and Use To Fly. Check out the bands websites and get the album. Grade: A

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