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This weeks show is a special one. We have a few great interviews with the band Silvertung, Madame Mayhem, and Exciter’s John Ricci. We also sprinkled a few clips from Lemmy’s Memorial. Clips from WWE’s Triple H, Mickey Dee, Matt Sorum, and Rob Halford.

To download the show. Right click on the DOWNLOAD link here and pick Save As! Put link here:

Remember if you own a Roku you can catch the replay of the show and listen to it on your TV. Just add the private channel to your list. The vanity name is MTTV which is to listen to the 24/7 MT Player, or use for the TV Show video clip MaximumThresholdTV. Get it while its free! Hey, do you have a smart phone?

Well we have the app you MUST download! The app is called Tune In Radio go to your market on your phone and download this FREE app. Once you have it installed open Tune In Radio and search for Maximum Threshold (or click this link). Now you can take us anywhere.

Remember you must have a unlimited data plan. Or click here to open the player. Subscribe to our Youtube channel, or scroll up to download the audio of the show.

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