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Album Review ~ Silvertung ~ Out Of The Box Posted

We are in a day and age where talent isn’t really needed to make you rich and famous. Reality TV shows have proved that to be true and the music industry isn’t much different. The charts are full of “flavors of the week” with the industry fixated on their immediate return and not artist development. Then you have this band from Maryland called Silvertung that has been going about things the old fashion way. If you are not a believer in hard work and perseverance paying off, then pay attention to these guys. They’re making believers out of doubters and proving all of those people wrong who told them that they couldn’t do it. They’re about to drop their Pavement Entertainment debut on July 8 with the release of Out Of The Box and we’re giving you fair warning to get ready because Silvertung is about to take over.

Silvertung is comprised of Speed on lead vocals/guitar, Danno on drums, Scoot on bass and Codey on guitar. They have a very large and loyal following in the Maryland region that’s seen continued growth for some time now. They’ve broadened their playing radius and ventured into new markets and territories all while continuing to “wow” audiences with their high energy, kick-ass stage show and their genuine appreciation and respect for their fans. The guys spend countless hours signing items, posing for pictures and talking to as many people at these shows as they can. They recently performed and won two awards at the Maryland Music Awards including Best Heavy Metal Artist as well as the Breakout Artist of 2016. Last year, a writing and recording session that started off to give the guys a new single grew into something much larger and more significant. The result is their latest release Out Of The Box and we’re about to give you a little in-sight into what to expect.

The six track release kicks off with “Face The Music” which was the first single off of the album and the band’s second Billboard Top 40 mainstream Rock Chart appearance. KISS has the KISS Army and Silvertung has the Tung Nation and it only took them one listen to this song to hear that the guys had tapped into something special during their writing and recording sessions. Even lead singer Speed made mention of it in our interview last October at the Shindig Festival in Baltimore, Maryland. “Once we got into the studio, we recorded what we thought was going to be “the one” and then we recorded another song and went ‘oh wait a minute.’ Even the producer told us to hold on and back up because even he didn’t know which one would end up being the single because they were both that strong.” You also have to love a song that encourages crowd participation with its chant along “HEY”s and its catchy chorus.

The re-recorded version of their modern day power ballad “Never Too Late,” on which the band worked with Grammy Award winning producer David Ivory, is also included on this new release. It may be familiar to a lot of us, but it’s a deserving song to given the spotlight again especially with the influx of new members of the Tung Nation just discovering the band. The track was also the band’s very first appearance on the Billboard Top 40 mainstream Rock Chart. The next track “Devil’s Advocate” is the band’s new single and it’s a scorcher that comes out of the gate with serious intensity.

“Taunted” contains some of our favorite guitar work on the album with some intriguing and unique riffs throughout the track. The tempo changes on the song were also something that gave it a very cool feel and made it stand out. “Ain’t That a Bitch” also finds the band pushing its own parameters and trying some new things all while keeping that core Silvertung sound that we all know and love. I’m not sure why I love the breakdown that’s included in it so much, but I just do! Some artists put their weakest track on an album as its closer, but that’s not the case here. The guys slow the tempo down and the song peels back a layer from their tough exteriors to show a softer, sensitive side. It’s amazing how you can strip something down a bit, yet make it so diverse and creative with its accompanying arrangement. It’s not the pedal to the medal adrenaline rush that you expect from the band and that’s ok. In my opinion, they’ve created a pretty amazing song that’s one of the best that I’ve ever heard from the guys.

The guys have definitely put something very special together with this new release and that’s not to take anything away from their other releases. I think the addition of Codey to the band has given them an opportunity to try some new things that, for whatever reason, they didn’t in the past. The guys sound more focused than ever and I think you can hear that on this album. Some may call it a sense of urgency while others may credit it to strong coffee or Monster Energy drinks. Regardless, these guys are on fire right now and things are looking up for them like never before. There’s room for more of you on the Tung Nation party bus, so tell a friend about this new album and turn them onto the band. Skip that overpriced latte and invest in the arts by buying this album. You can pack your lunch instead of going out or put back those overpriced cancer sticks and support this very deserving band. Out Of The Box could very well launch these guys to the next level in their very deserving careers!

Silvertung "Devil's Advocate" new single from "Out of the Box."

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