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Silvertung Shows It’s Ready To Break “Out” In Its New EP

Underground rock outfit Silvertung released its new EP Out of the Box earlier this week. The Baltimore, Maryland-based quartet’s new record is a solid follow-up to its 2013 full-length studio recording Devil’s in the Details. Listening through the six songs that make up the body of this six-song record, it is safe to say that the record is one of 2016’s top new EPs and that Silvertung is one of the rock community’s best kept secrets.

Silvertung’s new record Out of the Box is one of 2016’s top new EPs. The band’s third record and first EP, it is also proof that the band is currently one of the rock community’s best kept secrets.

One of the songs included in this record that serves this statement is the record’s new single ‘Never Too Late.’ This radio-ready song instantly conjures thoughts of Shinedown, and other acts of that ilk. That is evident in the way that the song builds from its gentle, acoustic opening bars to a full on hard rock anthem throughout the remainder of its four-minute run time. Guitarist Cody Red and front man Speed form the foundation of that arrangement with bassist Skoot and drummer Danno adding to it even more as the song progresses. The song’s musical arrangement is just one of the elements that makes the song such an important addition to OOTB. The song’s lyrical content is just as important to its presentation as its musical arrangement. That is because of the way in which it compliments the song’s musical arrangement. In regards to its lyrical content, the song comes across as an anthem of self-empowerment; one of those familiar anthems that serves to provide that emotional strength that listeners need when they begin to feel the grip of sadness and depression take hold in their lives. That is noted Speed sings, “The razor’s edge don’t lie when you slide it/Don’t close your eyes/You might miss the show you started/It’s your time to change those fears you’re hiding down below/Where things get so distorted now/Cause it’s hard to find things you want to say/Tired of being hurt like this/Reach down low/Screamin’ yeah/It’s never too late/Never too late/Never too late to shake it/Never too late/Never too late to make it right/When life gets tough/We can make it better/Turn the page…make it better/Cause it’s never too late.” The message seems pretty clear here. As the song’s chorus notes, it’s never too late to change things even when life is in its most difficult moments. This message is driven home even more in the song’s second verse in which Speed goes on to sing, “I’ve been here once before/No strength lying on the floor/One step from light to black/And there’s no turning back/God let this be the end/Cause I know it’s hard to find/The things you want to say/Gotta reach down low screaming yeah/Cause it’s never too late/Never too late/Never too late/To shake it/Never too late/Never too late to make it right/When life gets tough we can make it better/Turn the page.” Any doubt about the song’s lyrical message should be shaken by now. And if any doubt still lingers here then it is remained in the song’s final verse as Speed and his band mates reprise the song’s chorus through the song’s final minute or so. It is a very familiar lyrical theme and one that is always welcome among listeners of any age. That is because everybody reaches those difficult points in life regardless of age. The song’s musical arrangement makes the song’s message even more powerful. The two elements together make this song a welcome addition to OOTB and a song that would be a perfect on any mainstream rock radio station today. It is just one of the key compositions featured in this record, too. The record’s closer ‘You & Me’ is another one of its key compositions.

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