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Silvertung "Out of the Box" 10 out of 10

Silvertung is a 4 piece metal band from Maryland, that "wow" the crowd with high energy, killer show. The band consists of Speed (lead vocals / guitar), Danno (drums), Codey (guitar) and Scoot (bass), who all have mad respect for their followers "The Tung Nation".

This release is a short tracked one, starting with "Face the Music", this song is something special. With a catchy chorus, it was a great choice for a first single.

Second up is a re-recorded version of their song, "Never Too Late". This is a great song, and a really great way to kind of put it in the spotlight for all new members of "The Tung Nation" to hear and appreciate. This song was also their first appearance in the Billboard top 40 mainstream rock chart!

The third song is "Devil's Advocate". This is the new single, its very strong and quite intense to start with, a real shredder!

Next up we have "Taunted", this song has amazing guitar throwing out some very one of a kind riffs throughout. A changing temporary really makes this song stand out. One of my favorites on the album.

Number 5, "Ain't that a Bitch". With this song it is obvious that they are pushing their own boundaries while keeping the old sound the fans know and love. Plus, the breakdown is wicked!

Last we have "You and Me", this slower tempo peels a layer back showing a softer, more sensitive side to the band. Very creative and different for the band, and it's great! Probably my favorite song from this release!

Overall this was a great record! The beginning is a shredder and the ending really gets you, but in a great way. This album doesn't take away from any of the others, but it feels like they were more focused on this one. Great album! 10/10!

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