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Silvertung - G Boones November 23, 2016

It was April 2010 in front of a sold out crowd in Brunswick Maryland I was introduced to Silvertung by my friend Scott Savage. Little did I ever imagine how this chance introduction would change my life and foster many great memories.

As I walked in to G Boones In Boonsboro Maryland on November 23rd an excited nervousness started to build inside me, and I began to wonder why? It wasn’t like this was the first time seeing a show at G Boones, and it wasn’t like this was my first show review and interview. So what was it? Then it hit me in all the years of my relationship with Silvertung from being on the road with them working with them sitting in on different interviews I had never really sat down with the band that has had such a huge impact on my life, and been the one doing the interview and show review so for me yes to say I was nervous was definitely and understatement.

As I made my way back to the green room at G Boones I walked in and there was Speed (Vocalist, and Guitar) to greet me. Instantly that friendship and bond between me and each member of Silvertung was rekindled like that long lost family member. As we waited for Danno (Drummer), Skoot (Bassist and Vocals) and Cody (Guitarist and Vocals) we both sat down grabbed a bottle of water and began talking about life individually and as it pertained to Silvertung, and revisiting some old “war stories” from the past 6 years. As I talked with Speed we talked about the ups and down’s of the band as a whole. How through their signing with Pavement Entertainment they all have realized nothing comes easy and even though they are signed the work doesn’t stop. Smiling Speed looked at me and said “If people thought Silvertung was a good or decent band before, well they haven’t seen anything yet we’re just getting started and this crazy journey”. It’s now a little before 9PM and I’m cornered in the green room with Silvertung and yes you guessed it I’m nervous, but I know as they say “The show must go on” and with that we start into the interview, and then it happens that quiet calm the relaxed fear that dissolves into jokes, smiles and laughs as we all sit around and talk about the “Hit The Pavement Tour” the new music, how the overall perception has been from the band’s stand point and what does the future hold for Silvertung.

November 23rd the eve of Thanksgiving a night for myself and The TUNG Nation that was made even more amazing by the fact that this night marked the first show ever for Silvertung at G Boones in Boonsboro Maryland as well as an extended set as SIlvertung played tracks like “The Pawn”, and “Slow Me Down” from “The Pawn” CD, and “Coming Alive” and Justify” from “Devil’s In The Details” and of course treating us to “Face The Music” and Devil’s Advocate” from “Out Of The Box” and much more. Silvertung having just finished their last date on their “Hit The Pavement Tour” with Vajra, VIA showed no signs of slowing down or taking it easy. Proving just how much hard work and dedication means by giving their all and showing the fans the love and appreciation they deserved.

It was Silvertung’s interaction with the fans, and the fans returning that love and interaction with the band making the show and experience dare I say euphoric. As the fans were singing verse for verse to songs like “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Never To Late” you could see on the faces of each of the members of SIlvertung that they were right where they needed to be. Speed said it best” We are family!! From the fan’s to our Road Crew to each of us in the band, we’ve bled for this we fought for this and now we are here, because without you The TUNG Nation there would be no SIlvertung”. As I looked through my eye piece of my camera I stood there for what seemed an eternity just looking at the (4) individuals and I knew then that this was a different Silvertung then the one I met 6 years ago and by no means was that a bad thing. To the contrary it was a great thing and I was happy and proud to be a part of it……

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