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Phil’s Picks 2016 Top 10 New EPs List

2016 has been an outstanding year for new music. New albums from every genre have flooded the market. While albums take center stage for so many audiences and critics alike, they are not the only new recordings that are deserving of attention. EPs deserve just as much attention as albums this year and every year. Keeping that in mind, this critic has maintained a list of the year’s top new EPs throughout the year.

Now with the year’s final weeks winding down, Phil’s Picks begins its annual “Best Of” lists with a list of the year’s top new EPs as, again, they are deserving of as much attention as the mass of albums released across the board. This year’s list is topped by hard rock outfit Red Tide Rising’s new EP Voices. Also included in this year’s list are new EPs from Fenix TX, Silvertung, Orgy and many others.

As in previous years, the lists presented by Phil’s Picks are topped by the year’s top 10 new releases. An extra five releases worthy of honorable mention are included, too. That brings each list’s count to 15. Having said all of that, here is the first of Phil’s Picks “Best Of” lists for 2016. It is 2016’s Top 10 New EPs.

2016 TOP 10 NEW EPs

1) Red Tide Rising – Voices

2) Fenix TX – CRE.EP

3) Silvertung – Out of the Box

4) Tengger Cavalry – Mountainside

5) Aree and the Purehearts – Aree and the Purehearts

6) Into The Fire – Into The Fire

7) Essential End – Essential End

8) Not A Planet – Smokebombs and Cigarettes

9) Orgy – Talk Sick

10) KT Tunstall – Golden State

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