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Rock This Way Entertainment - Featured Artist: Silvertung

Silvertung - Rock This Way Entertainment Featured Artist

This Way Entertainment is pleased to introduce Maryland Artist, Silvertung. Many of you have definitely heard of these guys or seen them live. RTW Entertainment enjoyed seeing them play at Blue Fox Billiards a couple of years back.

They are heavy, energetic and an “In Your Face” act on stage. The guys are currently recording an unplugged & live album that puts a twist on some their very own favorite Silvertung songs. Look for the release in October or early November 2017.

We want to thank Speed, (vocalist) who has taken a few moments to answer some questions for us. RTW Entertainment looks forward to catching Silvertung again out on the road in 2017/2018, for ALL things Silvertung, please visit the following website , KEEP up with tour dates, new music and more. Support LIVE Music! #TungNation

RTW: Where is Silvertung from?

Speed: We’re originally from the Baltimore and surrounding areas. I grew up in Baltimore City, Danno is from the Essex/Dundalk area of Baltimore County and Codey is from the Hagerstown area.

RTW: Who are your music influences?

Speed: Everything! I love Sixx AM, Rob Zombie, Pop Evil, Ghost, to name a few. Codey on the other hand loves a lot of ‘classic’ bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, etc… We listen to so many different styles and genres of music when we tour.

RTW: What is Silvertung working on in 2017/2018?

Speed: We’ve just finished an ‘unplugged & live’ CD, entitled “Lighten Up” that will be released in late October/early November this year. We picked some of our favorite Silvertung tracks and rearranged them and added some interesting twists. We can’t wait for everyone to hear the tracks…imagine a song like “Devil’s Advocate” (if you haven’t heard it or seen the video click here) with violins…or “Slow Me Down” with the best Blues’ singer to come out of Baltimore, Kelly Bell, singing a duet with me on it! Kelly never guests on records. He’s an incredible singer and it was an honor to have him on our record.

We plan on hitting the road the end of the year/early next year to support the release with some acoustic shows, but mostly full-blown electric, high-energy Silvertung shows. The acoustic record was a good exercise for the band to stretch out and do something different, but we already have dates scheduled to go back into the studio in early December to start work on our next full-blown Silvertung release.

We plan on recording in between touring – the band has grown so much since “Out Of The Box” came out last July.While we were recording the acoustic CD, we had a video crew film the process. We invited a few fans and press in the studio while we were recording to be part of the process. We’re talking about doing a DVD for release sometime after the New Year.

To answer your question – Late 2017 will have a new Silvertung release, followed by a tour. 2018 will have another release with all new tracks and a possible DVD documenting the recording of “Lighten Up” with even MORE touring throughout the year!

RTW: What are your goals as a band?

Speed: We want to tour full-time! There’s nothing like getting on stage and playing the music we create for people. Music is a strong and emotional part of life…it’s an expression of our feelings, anger, love and passion. For us, playing in front of people is the best part. There’s nothing glamorous about traveling on a bus, driving through the night, sometimes as much as 12 hours to get a show, loading in equipment, sound check, missing our loved ones…that hour, hour and half we are on stage makes it all worthwhile.

RTW: Tell us a little bit about the Silvertung journey as a band?

Speed: The last 3 years have been a roller coaster ride…so much has happened…we’ve filmed 4 music videos, had two #1 Most Added Billboard Rock Radio singles, 3 Billboard Top 40 Rock Radio Chart singles, received 2 Maryland Music Awards, signed a recording contract, had 1 release with them, walked away from the record deal, toured across the Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and South, played a few festivals…I’m very proud of everything we’ve accomplished.

RTW: What are your thoughts on the music industry today and making it as a band?

Speed: The days of living the ‘rock star’ life are few and far. It’s tough for new or younger bands to make any money. Most major record labels aren’t signing rock acts anymore…and the few independent labels are tending to only take on ‘sure things’ or bigger artists.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about the music business…and I’m not talking big or established bands, but rather a band in our position. If we want to get our song on the radio, we have to hire a radio person to work it. There’ no walking into a radio station and asking DJs to play our music. Even with 3 Billboard Rock Radio Chart hits, we’re yet to receive any acknowledgment from our hometown stations. We have to hire professional publicists to solicit our music and shows to the press.

And touring…the reality is most bigger bands want opening bands to “pay to play.” That’s why we’ve been on going out ourselves. Trust me, it would be a lot easier to get up at 4 AM and go to work for someone else, but we love music and performing. Make no mistake, all the money we earn from playing live, merchandise, digital downloads, etc…all goes back into the band. This is our dream and we’re very determined.

RTW: Silvertung, ….tell us and your fans anything you would like here.

Speed: If it weren’t for our fans, we wouldn’t be able to do this. It means so much to us when people come out to the shows, or asks to sign a CD, or tells us that one of our songs has been inspiration to them. It’s the fans that make it all possible.

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