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Historically, at year-end, I've always made a point of expressing what a great year the previous twelve months were. And why not? You have to build up the anticipation for the EDITOR'S CHOICE list that I was about to roll out for our readers. At the close of 2017, we've got another amazing list of artists who made 2017 so damned memorable. Some of the names are familiar, some are not, but everyone of them left a strong impression on us visually and musically.

As far as the year 2017 itself - eh, it's been difficult! Our monthly publication ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE has ceased, but there is hope that it maybe returning in the Spring of 2018. This has forced us to beef up the editorial for ROCKWIRED.COM and so far the results have been promishing. 2017 may not have been the best year for us, but it's one more year behind us and If we've got twenty five favorite bands and artists to share with you at the end of the year, that works for us.

"We're starting to become selfish with our writing. We've found out what makes us tick and what our strong points are. It's like in sports when a football teams comes together with their quarterback and they become something that is unstoppable. We're starting to learn what makes us unstoppable. We kind of know what our fans want now by listening to them and listening to ourselves. We've created this whole new feel for where we're going. The biggest thing with this new album is that we're going to try new ideas that we weren't ready to try before. But now we're putting it on the fire. I truly think the fans are gonna love this upcoming album. It's weird speaking about a new album when we havent' finished promoting the live acoustic album yet. Our progress has been amazing. We just keep writing and playing shows. I think any band reading this will understand when you get the opportunity to do this, you feel really blessed." - SPEED OF SILVERTUNG

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