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Speed of Silvertung Talks About the Band's New EP "Lighten Up" and Their Plans for a N

Silvertung - Lighten Up EP

The blistering hard rock sensibility of SILVERTUNG earned them a dedicated following and some serious traction on what's left of active rock radio with such singles as NEVER TO LATE, FACE THE MUSIC and YOU & ME. Truth be told, the steady progress of this band has filled me with pride given the fact that SILVERTUNG hails from my home state of Maryland. We've been with these guys from the beginning and have seen their evolution through such releases as the LP DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS to the EP FACE THE MUSIC. Now, SILVERTUNG has turned the volume way down for their latest EP LIGHTEN UP, a live acoustic recording that doesn't simply strip some of their big hits down to a bare, heartfelt minimum - it reimagines them. The new lease on these songs results in a band enjoying themselves on the stage and an already enthusiastic audience becoming all the more enthused. ROCKWIRED had a chance to catch up with SILVERTUNG's front man SPEED regarding the new EP, the band's current tour and their plans to hit the studio for a follow up EP in the coming year. Here is how the interview went.


What was the inspiration for making the EP LIGHTEN UP a collection of acoustic versions of your hits? We've done acoustic stuff every now and then and in doing so we played the songs just as they were. With this EP we decided to challenge ourselves and see if we could find another way to play these songs. We started re-writing some of the songs and breaking them down and pulling out each chord. When we did that, we realized that there is more to these songs. With this EP we wanted to show everything that SILVERTUNG is about so we decided to put out a live acoustic album where we really breakdown the songs and make them come alive in a different way. We also felt that fans deserve to see what this other side to us is all about.

What has been the reaction to LIGHTEN UP? Have there been any reactions that have surprised you? It's been pretty incredible. I didn't think it would go over as well as it did. It's a pretty shocking thing. As much as people love the heavy stuff that we do, they are totally blown away by how we broke it down and made the songs sound different . The reaction has been phenomenal. Of all of the songs on LIGHTEN UP, which ones changed the most in their acoustic interpretation? It would have to be either DEVIL'S ADVOCATE or JUSTIFY. We really took those songs into left field. That being said, I'd have to say that that was the case for I DON'T CARE as well. So I guess it's those three songs that have changed the most through this process. You don't even know that those songs are the songs we are playing until you get further into listening to them. And with the release of LIGHT UP behind you, what's next for you guys musically? There is a lot of touring in the planning. As a matter of fact, I'm speaking to you from the tour we're on right now - the ALL FIRED UP tour. We're on the last leg of it up until New Years Eve an then we'll be doing something different in 2018. There are a lot of plans for more touring and we're already working on a new EP for 2018. We'll be going back to our roots with a heavier sound. We'll be going into the studio in January to start recording for the new album. How many more dates are there on this tour? There are twelve or thirteen more dates left not including fundraisers and charities that we're doing as well. Of the dates that you guys have played so far, have there been any that have stood out for you in particular? To be honest with you, I think they all have for many different reasons. This has been our first full tour where we're not just the supporting act. We're doing the headlining ourselves. With each show we're learning more about who we are and who our fans are. We're finding out that different cities and different States are reacting differently to the band than other. It's still big crowds wherever we go but the reactions are different. It's like we're starting to see our madness spread. I don't think there was one show that stood out. The tour's not over yet. All of these dates have had their impact on the band at different times during the entire tour. It's been a very educational tour. I don't know if other bands have experienced this. We pay a lot of attention to our fans. When they speak, we react. We're hearing things from them that we're already in motion with. People love the acoustic album and are asking us what's coming next. They can't wait to hear the next heavy album. We're already in motion with that. The fact that we're seeing the fanbase grow has been the biggest impact for us on this entire tour.

And is this show an all acoustic show or is it your usual heavy electric show? We're actually mixing it up. We're doing acoustic performances for the show as a segment between the heavier songs. That segment lasts anywhere from three to five songs. Some of them are off the album. YOU AND ME is one of the crowds favorites. It's one of the biggest hits we've had so far with radio and charting at #23 on the BILLBOARD charts. And after all of these years how is the band holding up? I've noticed that there haven't been too many lineup changes with you guys. The band is holding up well but there has been a member change. We're touring with a new bass player now. He's been a fill in for a little while . He's a great addition to the band and he may become a permanent member at some point. In 2018 we'll work out everything with him. But for now he's a great fill in. He's an amazing guy . His dedication to the music has been a blessing for us. Being on the road can take a toll on you especially when you don't know where you're going to go the next day. There is a lot of loading in and loading out and a lot of sleepless nights. It all takes a toll and through all of that the band is in great spirits. When you're out here doing what you love to do it's great. It sounds hard but you always remember that this is what you love to do and you're doing it and being successful. SILVERTUNG hasn't been a huge success yet but I think we're building up to that. Even with the small successes we've had we're very grateful for.

And with this new EP that you guys are going to be working on, what is inspiring the songs? We're starting to become selfish with our writing. We've found out what makes us tick and what our strong points are. It's like in sports when a football team comes together with their quarterback and they become something that is unstoppable. We're starting to learn what makes us unstoppable. We kind of know what our fans want now by listening to them and listening to ourselves. We've created this whole new feel for where we're going. The biggest thing with this new album is that we're going to try new ideas that we weren't ready to try before. But now we're putting it on the fire. I truly think the fans are gonna love this upcoming album. It's weird speaking about a new album when we haven't finished promoting the live acoustic album yet. Our progress has been amazing. We just keep writing and playing shows. I think any band reading this will understand when you get the opportunity to do this, you feel really blessed.


Brian Lush is a music industry professional and entrepreneur. In 2005 he launched the online music site to help promote new music artists in conjunction with the weekly radio show Rockwired Live which aired on KTSTFM.COM from 2005 - 2009. In 2010 He launched the daily podcast series Rockwired Radio Profiles which features exclusive interviews and music. He has also developed and produced the online radio shows Jazzed and Blue - Profiles in Blues and Jazz, Aboriginal Sounds - A Celebration of American Indian and First Nations Music, The Rockwired Rock N Roll Mixtape Show and The Rockwired Artist of the Month Showcase. In 2012, Brian Lush and his company Rockwired Media LLC launched the monthly digital online publication Rockwired Magazine. The magazine attracts over 75,000 readers a month and shows no signs of stopping. Rockwired Magazine also bares the distinction of being the first American Indian-owned rock magazine. Brian Lush is an enrolled member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. Brian Lush's background in music journalism, radio and podcast hosting, podcast production, web design, publicity, advertising sales, social media and online marketing, strategic editorial planning and branding have all made Rockwired a name that is trusted and respected throughout the independent music industry.

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